Half in the Bag Episode 17: The People vs. George Lucas and Star Wars Discussion

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Mike and Jay are joined by Alexandre Philippe, director of the documentary The People vs. George Lucas, to discuss all things Star Wars, including the new blu-ray alterations and what’s wrong with George Lucas’ brain.


ThatGamingShow says:

George didn't care about those other movies. He hasn't made them. Star Wars isn't even his anymore, and he talks about how he regrets giving it to disney. The man is a mess.

Crash Headroom says:

After re-watching the special editions there is actually 2 screams when luke falls :/. The first one lucas put in was basically the emprahs scream, second was a very famous stock scream that i first heard in dark forces as kyle katarns fall death XD my silver edition has the "katarn" scream….yes im sad….

taistelutomaatti says:

14:25 Isn't that kinda like the bedrock musical scene in the Flintstones live action movie? I always felt like that film was pretty close to the thematic nature of Star Wars in Lucas' mind.

Daniel Strzyz says:

how did it go so wrong?

The Gentlemen Hunter says:

Do Kathleen Kennedy vs the people


could do with a sequel after the n j.

Spike EP says:

I have never lost faith in George Lucas – but since the sale of Star Wars to Disney, I very much get the sense that he has lost faith in himself because he realises it was such a serious mistake.

I think the "White Slavers" remark is right on the money – he's become like Rocky Balboa in Rocky III, haunted, disillusioned and bereft of hope because he let himself and his legacy get brought low by a collection of cheap punks.

ComicBookSyndicate says:

American Graffiti made $140 million…in 1973.
That's the 3rd cultural phenomenon.

The Hentai King says:

stand user: Rich Evans
Stand: 『H A C K F R A U D』

HOAR Reviews says:


MorningErections says:

Can't wait for People vs. Disney

Vellioh says:

Yeah you can't defend Star Wars with Indiana Jones when he had Spielberg to help him.

Chocobuny says:

I only just watched this today and never knew that Luke scream while he's falling was added in for the special edition. I grew up with that and I remember clearly thinking that it sounded really stupid and out of place, even as a kid. Why George, why?

MrOmegaBeams says:

Maybe American Graffiti is such a good movie because of the influence of George's peers during the making of it?

tony johnson says:

Not to mention the flopped Boba Fett in the 'Bousch' scene in 'Jedi!

Norcal says:

My favorite thing about Swiss people is that, apart from a few particular words, they can speak English almost exactly like Americans.

Greg the Grey says:

It's nice to see someone presenting a total disagreement with Mike, just for once.

Le Thrope says:

Is that the same scream they use for Sheev getting thrown down the pit at the end of RotJ?

Joe schmo says:

my parents owned a lamp identical to the one in the background

Fred says:

George Lucas is kind of like Anakin. Everyone had their hopes up about him being the chosen one, and when he didn't live up to it… well, you know the rest.
Maybe someone did that comparison already but i don't care… Just like George Lucas.

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