Half in the Bag Episode 17: The People vs. George Lucas and Star Wars Discussion (2 of 2)

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Paart 2. Mike and Alexandre continue their discussion of George Lucas and the future of Star Wars.


D Wolfsfroth says:

"So this is what you guys do…" LOLOLOL Best ending of any episode.

Daniel Strzyz says:

best film ever…….

Maciej Bogdan Stepien says:

1:25 That is exactly what autobiographies are for: to lie about yourself so much so that the truth would be hard to figure out. Autobiographies are but additional sources for real, profoundly researched biographies. Mike just nailed it.

Jason Percy says:

Lucas keeps tinkering with the originals because he knows that others (film editors, makeup artists, special effects artists, designers, John Williams et al) were largely responsible for the success of the OT…his edits are just a way of pretending those films were flawed and only he can improve upon them.

MildredSnitzer says:

ending is hilarious

HOAR Reviews says:

George didnt force anyone to buy or pay for his movies take your own blame. Also the theatrical cuts were released as bonus discs in 2006 and NO ONE bought them

Sean Jones says:

Jay rockin the middle aged dad/copier salesman/middle-class suburban golfer look

CrimeFightin'Corn says:

3:05 nope.. it belong to the fucking mouse in pants now…. fucking hacks. Fml Rey wars is fucking awful dog vomit

James Fielding says:

"That's right FUCKHEAD it's Star Wars!"

MightyHawx says:

Which version is in the national film registry?

Chi Wolf says:

man i found you guys years ago , with plinkett , cant believe time has passed so fast , cant believe you guys blew up in popularity, you guys are feared by disney ! so many people reference you guys , you guys are like a symbol of rebellion

Alex Laird says:

13:58 You missed out on getting to say "What's Zaat?"

neclord 88 says:

It's funny watching this because at the time this was filmed Mike and Co had no idea lucas would sell to Disney.

Inky Hates Most Things says:

I don't think you get ownership over something just because you ascribe meaning to it.

David Penmark says:

You should watch “How Star Wars Was Saved in the Edit”. Great video to accompany this one. Clearly demonstrates that it wasn’t George Lucas’ “brilliance” that made the film great. His vision would have given us…Phantom Menace.

LitaLyzzi says:

I always wondered if he withheld the original cuts from Disney. If they have them, they’ll probably release them

konroth rec. says:

he was bored so he made changes

NERPolitan says:

This guy's trying really hard to make movies communist.

Valelacerte says:

I always thought that George Lucas never sent the original version of Star Wars to the AFI, or at least he refused to have the original catalogued as the definitive version. Maybe that's just a myth.

Triple A says:

I've always found it strange that Lucas let Robot Chicken and Family Guy make their parodies so freely. He must have somewhat of a sense of humor, I suppose.

jonny pepperston says:

I think Lucas is like a lot of directors they have a couple good ideas and then they run out

John Stopman says:



BrickToughneck says:

There are few things that I love as much as Rich Evans as George Lucas.

Avethine says:

To this date, Star Wars and Empire are the only two films still unaccounted for in the National Film Registry. Lucas tried to send them the SE years ago when they first requested it, they sent it right back to him.

Boomerino says:

The Terminator 2 Blu-ray comes with 3 different cuts on the same bloody disc. So if you're a theatrical, home video, or director's cut fan, you are covered! That's how you do this all proper.

colinthedogfromspaced says:

My life is pretty shit but I'll die happy having never seen Howard the Duck.

colinthedogfromspaced says:

I wish Mike screamed Noooooooo at the end. Also where the fuck are the womprats!

Headrock says:

To anyone watching who doesn't mind some internet shadiness, the "Despecialized Edition" does exist out there. It's the 1977 version in widescreen with relatively good video quality (higher resolution than the 1997 DVDs, for starters). The only problem I have with it is that it actually completely restores the video to the 1977 version, which lacks one of the best lines in the movie ("Open the blast doors!", which was added in later cuts). Other than that, though, it's a pretty awesome piece of work. There are also Despecialized Editions for the other two episodes, but I haven't watched them yet.

sicilianotoronto says:

I don't really get what he means by culture. More like a sub or pop culture! Calling it a culture is just going too far. It's art in another form as Mike said. Lucas is sitting down sipping coffee way too much with all his millions and really does not care anymore! He got lucky with the first original three and can be the less than mediocre director he wants to be lol

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