Half in the Bag Episode 11: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

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Just another day at the office…


Mr. Mary says:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the name of the actress who replaced Megan Fox, not that it matters anyway.

JC says:

The Mozart!

Daniel Strzyz says:

all is good… except transformers…

Andrea Piccolo says:

Michael Bay is the DICE of movies.

Super Fine Butt Hairs Productions says:


LarthMedia says:

I know I've already seen this HITB, but I didn't realize it was THIS ONE. I realize this at 23:15 and say to myself "no, no, no, I can't sit through that again" I nearly died laughing last time, I don't think I'll survive another viewing. Maybe after a week of cardio training…

byz88 says:

The only thing I remember about this movie was that Megan Fox wasn't in it.

marl boonyer says:

that was superb..

Ninjagai says:


Злая зубная щетка says:

I remember watching a trailer showing only the stuff on the moon and I had no idea what transformers were so I thought it looked like a cool sci-fi thing.

Lois Degeneffe says:

The was the finest artistic use of bodily waste I have ever had the privilege to witness.

PUSH {R0, R1} says:

15:40 oh you had no idea

Jose Reyes says:

That probably wasn't real poopy

SkandiaAUS says:

Hey! Transformers was the very first film I watched then had to turn off half way through because I couldn't tell what the fuck was going on. Then I got all cynical about block buster movies, and nothing has improved, except I found RLM.

deatheven13 says:

4:45 wait so Zack Snyder stole the plot for Man of Steel from a Bayformers movie?

winkoman3 says:

Fagshenanigans is my favorite quote from Jay

Jeromy Doerksen says:

Hello and welcome to 480p

Lee Van Over says:

Thank you Mike for your defense of storytelling.

Armando villarreal says:

How is it that these kind of reviewers never remember the names, events, or references from movies they don't like, but common folks do. I do, even from movies I didn't like. I don't love the Transformers movies, but I can tell you the RIGHT names for each movie, I can tell you the plot, and the name of most characters. In their latest Thor Review they couldn't remember any of the plot from Thor 2, but I do AND I DON'T LIKE THAT MOVIE.

irllcd13 says:

To be fair, it's true that The Dark Knight and especially Inception are overrated. And I haven't seen a Michael bay movie in the theater since Armageddon.

Kuddlesworth NA says:

I laughed so much at the ending.

Myc Verikul says:

Hey it's that other other other guy unshaved!

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