Greyhound | Official Trailer | In Cinemas June 2020

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His first mission was their last hope. Screenplay by Tom Hanks inspired by actual events, #GreyhoundMovie is only in cinemas June 2020.

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Ajay Varvatkar says:


Generalissimo X says:

hanks is a pedo.

Manish Bait says:

most of us will survive till june

rusty padlock says:

BS what is wrong with Hanks?

Ghost Dogg says:

He is like the Rock now. IN EVERTHING!


Bertharius says:

Here we go…more overblown garbage from Hollywood. (At least that's what the trailer appears to convey.)

majestytd says:

guys but we be still on the lockdown.. don't think we can see this in theater…..

Jin Jin says:

LOL, i thought this movie was about a greyhound bus driver ?

drake cain says:

With examples like Des Boat, you would think Hollywood could make a good realistic war movie, but they keep making this American propaganda s… 🙁

VOIP Portland says:

June? Not a chance in hell.

abundantYOUniverse says:

Hell yeah! We love you Tom get better soon!

MrPlaiedes says:

Anyone else disappointed it's not about a bus?

Dust123ify says:

Me wondering isn’t the greyhound a British ship or am I mistaken?

Vukasin says:

lol Im just thinking Forest Gump idk..looks good tho, only dont like all the SGI.

Keith Mitchell says:

Bruce Willis could have completed the greyhound's task before lunch time and still had time to do a spot of fishing …..did Tom catch the wuhan military virus just to increase ticket sales …? thats damned decent of him old chap

R C says:

Happy times?

Seymour Crack says:

Sick of Hanks and all his bum chum paedo chums in HolyWeired.

Jodie Price says:

'In cinemas June 2020'.
Corvid-19 – Am I joke to you?

Sébastien says:

Awful CGI. It's almost like watching a cartoon.
What is Tom Hanks doing in such a crappy "movie"? And why did they add tyrannosaurus sounds in naval scenes?

Sambit Dash says:

Are you sure it’s going to release on June? Based on current situation I don’t think so. Let’s stay at home and be safe.

Rohan Sharma says:

Saw the title and honestly thought Tom Hanks was a Greyhound bus driver in his next film.

deavman says:

June 20th, at a theater near you. Yeah…I don't think so.

Guhonter says:

Utter nonsense, each and every scene filled with bullshit or pathos. I was waiting for the name Bruckheimer as a producer to come up. Directed by a guy with 3 credits to his name and his last work 11 years ago. Based on a novel, yeah "Sgt. Rock" or some other comic as it seems. C.S. Forester would turn in his grave if he knew what crap they made "based" on his book.

FR Bmp says:

And how we can watch this if all cinemas are closed?

jim Awesome says:

One ship vs a fleet and wins. The legendary tom hanks.

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