George Lucas Salad Unboxing Video #1

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George unboxes some salads he’s been waiting to get his hands on. Organic Girl’s 50/50 spring green/spinach mix, Bright Farms local spinach blend, and Roundy’s famous cobb salad with chicken.


spartacus36526 says:

This salad video is better than watching Episode VIII. It broke new ground!!!

Geamz & Woot says:

Is this the garbage we call asmr?

Sam Snyder says:

How many times have I watched this…

Tyler Cotton says:

You may have gone abit far in a few places…

jimmy jams says:

Still better than Last Jedi.

sour grapes says:

i'm glad that these are all in-date.

Grant Baynes says:

I prefer my salads faster and more intense.

Hankidy Pank says:

oh george lucus very kool.

Hankidy Pank says:

spinach fuck you i hate u die

Hankidy Pank says:

OMG yes all hail lettuce.

DarKy Big Weed says:

Some of the packaging may have gone a little far in a few places but the salad is stylistically designed to be that way, you can't take it away but we can diminish its effects.

Lil Tuba says:

Rich Evans asmr

ostermalmi1 says:

Goos parody, unboxing videos are cancer of youtube

John Doe says:

Rich has big midwest sausage fingers. Probably got a big hog.

223forme says:

Rich Evans ate 2 salads that day, his first and his last…

Infradead says:

This video gives me ASMR.

BeepingMaggot says:

I can't believe I watched someone opening salads for 6 minutes and it didn't feel like a waste of time.

Breesway97 says:

Better than the phantom menace lol give me likes

rex mundi says:

What did I just watch? And was it good? I'm so confused now.

First Name says:

This really reminds me of 'Leonard's Frozen Pizza Reviews'

Travesty TV says:

You know Rich Evans didn't really eat the salad

FurryBird says:

The salad is the key to all this if we can get the packet open because it’s a healthier meal than we’ve had

Dermot McDermott says:

These salads were like poetry they rhyme

jeffmakesgames1 says:

I doubt he just ate the spinach right out of the container. If anyone read the label closely, it said that it required washing before being eaten.

Either the salad was washed between cuts, or he didn't actually eat any of the salad.

Hashbrowniepie says:

Patiently waiting for George Lucas Salad Unboxing Video #2

Sir Gus the Mighty says:

Now i want salad

Nick Candido says:

Jar Jar is the key to all this.

Jon Peer says:

Actually George, that says it has been washed(cubed), so its washed wash was washed. Technically.

Armazillo says:

Its like poetry

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