FORD V FERRARI Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2019) Christian Bale, Matt Damon Action Movie HD

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new movie trailer for Ford V Ferrari


Roberto Martinez says:

el ford gana.

Kowshik Acharjee says:

what song is that? kindly tell me

Rath WOLF says:

I definitely gonna watch this movie 🙂

Luke Roemer says:


ZTV says:

martian is retired so no more NASA

Seymour Butts says:

Why do they do this? Huh? Show you a damn good trailer and in the end? Wait 6 months to watch the damn movie.

Ignacio Soler says:

This movie is going to be a "War on Wheels."

soupercooper says:

back in 2013 they were talking about tom cruise to play carroll shelby. heading toward 2018 they choose matt damon instead, based on a book called go like hell written in 2010

desertoutpost13 says:

Love the Trailer FU*K matt damon will never watch anything with that Anti-American in

AKhil says:

He looks like might guy in the thumbnail

Shane McDowall says:

1966 Le Mans was won by New Zealanders Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon. Ken Miles and New Zealander Denis Hulme came second. McLaren founded the legendary F-1 team, and Hulme was the 1967 F-1 driver champion.

Rug Burn says:

its like Cars from Disney but Live action, lol

Waiwit Lert-Asavapatra says:


Tank gunna says:

l smell Oscars

Gabriel Magaña says:

Jajajajajaj 2:08

Danapool The killer says:

Is Tom curise

andarted says:

Ford CEO: "If Lego can make a 90 minute long commercial and people are willing to spend money to see the commercial, so can we!"

Eric bywaters says:

I can see Richmond dearly becomeing, a satin temple, these days

Michael Trumph says:

Ferrari are still on top of the motorworld.
Ford has gone astray.

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