FORD V FERRARI Official Trailer (2019) Matt Damon, Christian Bale Movie

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FORD V FERRARI Official Trailer Movie in theatre 15 November 2019.

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wondering if in the movie they're gonna mention pussferrari changing all the rules after he got his ass handed to him by ford?

NZG says:

Hmm,think will be good movie👌🏻

Aleksandar Tasevski says:

Hardly wait to watch! ❤

Road Runner3155 says:

Ford > Ferrari

pula says:

lefthand drive gt40 at the end of the trailer, but the image for the clip was righthand – which one is it. A lefthand American ride? the mole is on the correct side.

Y&APLAY says:

That's one hell of a cast

Drago The Terrible says:

Christian Bale actually manages the hardest thing in acting. The Brummie accent.

starchipmunk92 says:

Wayne.. I only work in Black or sometimes very_ very_dark gray""" ……. FORD….got…. competition…..

rogue223 says:

“My Name is Carroll Shelby, and performance is my business!”

W O says:

Top just get toper' of vehicles of your life. Wheels do run good when Sunsets disconnected.

Richard Loach says:

Bale seems to have figured out the Sutton Coldfield Brummy accent to a tee there, well done sir. Not many people can pull off genuine Brummy as evidenced by the diabolical Peaky Blinders actors

Vampirebear13 says:

Holy fuck, Carroll Shelby must be spinning in his grave because this looks like SHIT. It should say VERY LOOSELY BASED ON A TRUE STORY, about all they got right is, Ken Miles was about the only person who could get away with getting in Carroll's face.And Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby?!?! WTF?????? This flick is going to tank so hard, they're not even going to be able to recoup the production costs with video sales.

rogue223 says:

This looks awesome.

dodgeguyz says:

I had to make sure this wasn’t some kind of made up You Tube video! Hell yes. !! A movie I’ll gladly spend money to go see!

Terri Maritz says:

Looks fantastic!

mikjon67 says:

It's that precise moment when you realise God saved you…. you cry and start singing "Amazing Grace"…. 🙏🙏

Uncle Dad says:

See children,,this is why Ford and Ferrari teamed up to produce GT 40,,2 cars in one

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