FORD V FERRARI Official Trailer (2019) Christian Bale, Matt Damon Movie HD

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FORD V FERRARI Official Trailer (2019) Christian Bale, Matt Damon Movie HD

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The true story of the battle between Ford and Ferrari to win Le Mans in 1966.

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Edmondo Cerza says:

Ah what a delight it's about time, this reminds me of 24hrs of Lemans. Yes fast and furious rubbish, how about a real story


Bale? LOL….Good Lord…NO.

Pbperez 210 says:

I knew it was about LeMans. That's awesome!

Diogenes Jimenez says:

Que cura el nervio acuático

User Name says:

by order of the fookin peaky bloinders

Clyde Frog says:

This is gonna be historical

covington race says:

what this trailer needed was a gt40 thumping through the gears following behind in total cinematic glossy mode

Menelik The First says:

Carol Shelby is one of the greatest motorists in history.

Liquid Leopard says:

I wonder if they'll remember to mention the GT40 was built on a Lola chassis.
Carrol Shelby got his best results from combining American engines and British suspension. 😀

Carson Garder says:

All the dislikes are Ferrari fans

telephonic says:

Ford won the Battle, Ferrari won the war.

noodlessurprise says:

Gimme Shelter in the trailer – I’m in

Jay-r Castillo says:

So this is Batman in his downtime eh?.

Dry h Gedb says:

I thought the man on the thumbnail was Arnold Schwarzenegger

richie says:

Damn this film look good. Ford vs Ferrari.Henry vs Enzo. They were both tossers but very very good at what they did.This film looks so awesome that I've just had a trouser moment

VirtueOfTheLessBrilliant says:

general motors can suck my dick bunch of fucking criminals

Vikrant Bansode says:

Ferrari still better than Ford shit.

Inti Chan says:

China V USA

John Denne says:

The sound track should be good going by the trailer. Gimme Shelter, great. Hope they manage to get the facts right about the Ford/ Ferrari history of the time.

MrPaladin123 says:

i hope it's better than DAYS OF THUNDER.

MrPaladin123 says:

NOVEMBER 15??!!! wtf? this is a SUMMER movie!! it's about cars and SPEED, right?? if you made a movie about ice racing – sure – get Kimi Räikkönen, Valterri Bottas or Mika Häkkinen or some euro ralley driver i haven't heard about!! LOL smh

JGarrett Rehak says:

Finally something different and true! Next movie should be the Dodge Daytona in Nascar!

suckmy nutsbiiatch says:

Folks, install adblock on your computer or phone and watch youtube all you want without any commericals!

colderbeer says:

YESSS !!!!!! A great movie was made, and it's not about fucking tired ass super heroes…….

chadly d says:

I've always wanted to own the Ferrari killer can't wait too see this movie

83j049733rfe4 says:

When you try to say Dayum but the thought don't finish because you're stuck on going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

AJW 145 says:


Frank Discussion says:

The Shelby Cobra Daytona is a legendary car. It's about time a movie was made about it.

ziggy pop says:

Matt Damon must be 50 but still looks 30. Must have sold his soul to the devil.

Brian Barratt says:

Ford GT 40 is 100 % English . AC Shelby 50 % English ,

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