Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 2 In 11 Minutes Or Less

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Spider-Man 2 was considered by many, at the time it was released, to be one of the best superhero films ever made. It’s still pretty good, but modern superhero movies have stolen some of its spotlight. And no matter how much you love it, yep… it still has plenty of sins.

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Ricky Jenkins says:

I like this ORIGINAL movie series

Scott the Fox says:

love how hydrogen fusion on earth scientifically would be so goddamn safe and hard to sustain it would literally just stop fusioning in a fucking super crazy power plant melt down when literally anything does go wrong

Timothy Ahene says:

All the new videos make this one seem too slow. Had to play it on x1.25 for it to feel right

clan 5 says:

I like this version of Spider-Man better

Brandon Hart says:

In the bit after the sentence I was expecting an edit to Harry saying "you killed my father" but adding the "prepare to die" from that movie I never seem to remember the name of

Asım Yavuz Kurdoğlu says:


rene L says:

9:00 oh shit random joey diaz sighting is random

BK Vids says:

This is a great movie

Eric Olivencia says:

Thank you for pointing out the a$$hole at 8:39 – that's bothered me every time I watch this. It was literally Spidey's first attempt and he goes straight to dickhead mode?!

EpicGamer25 says:

On the scene were he didn't tell harry about his dad that's cuz harrys dad told him not too

Jakk Frost says:

10:30 "Mary Jane is in some kind of danger but still worried about pulling her dress back down after accidentally flashing her panties at everyone" cliche

Jack TEP says:

Where's your fucking spider sence right fucking now, you fucking idiot?!?!

GD Destroyer says:

You forgot it takes 3 minutes for the actual movie to start

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