Episode Two Trailer | The Ghost Monument | Doctor Who: Series 11

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Adrian SH says:

I am still skeptical. We will se how well this doctor does. I am always skeptical of all doctors.

Michael Richardson says:

No not for me

James Boner says:

Good first outing for this new season. They did something very important for this episode. At least in my opinion. They focused a lot on the people who I assume are going to be the Doctor's companions. They have always been our connection to the doctor and if we don't connect emotionally with them, it doesn't work.

Taun-Chi Gaming says:

Give us the intro back! Please replace your music person (it's awful and doesn't sound who at all) and stop directing Jodie to act like Matt Smith. She also needs to commit more to the character.. everything she says seems shallow and unbelievable without reason to trust her (something the doctor should have with every word). Thank you kindly. The show is dreadful in its current condition and a giant disappointment for me. If this episode is garbage I give up on the Doctor. Good riddance to me I guess.

John Inglis says:

Oh look another human looking ailen very creative

Ender says:

Don't forget to subscr…

Big Edds Lore says:

Im glad Jodie whitiker has exceeded my expectations , I went in with a low view of the change and now im willing to watch the rest of this season one issue I do have is the short trousers I have an odd annoyance about trouser that are to short to sit at the ankle

Richard Paul Caird says:

Why is it that the 'Nu-Who' doctors always look like they need a Ritalin… ???… (to calm down!) The alien is a time-lord!… no need to rush around with your pants on fire!… Looks the same as the rest of the Nu-WHo…. unwatchable! & aimed at children… Shame! Bring back the old horror from the 70's PLEASE!!!!

totalmikie says:

GAG. What a way for the series to end.

Tel Sutton says:

As long as we're not pretending Cardiff is London any more… great.
Hoped they'd maroon the Doc in Sheffield, with UNIT… a bit like when Pertwee had his TARDIS-licence revoked. I was hoping my owd mucker Maxine Peake would go for the gig but Jodie is just magnificent!

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