Doctor Sleep Trailer #1

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Ewan McGregor stars in the follow-up to Steven King's classic, 'The Shining,' out Nov. 8, 2019.

Exclusives from #ETonline :


JWalkers Conner says:

I am shocked that they acknowledged Kubricks shining since king hated his vision of it.

JWalkers Conner says:

Let me guess how this will go, he will be directing his younger self in the past with the red rum and talking through the finger and saying that he lives in his tummy. He is the shining trying to save his mother from his father.

Greeshmanth Naik says:

Who else reads redrum as murder🤔🤔

KooKoo Bananas says:

Chases me with baseball bat
Jack Nickelson : “ don’t worry I’m not gonna hurt you… I’m just gonna bash you’re brains in.”
Me : yeah jack I think that would sting just a little no thanks.

Doctor Evil says:

Why is it called Doctor Sleep? That sure is stupid. How about just calling it Redrum.

Alejandro Nuñez says:

Nostalgia is really a form of currency

John Koester says:

I knew there was going to be a sequel

CatShark Games says:

Well here is the question. Is The “Heres Johnny” gag gonna come back?

Randy Brown says:

All the stephen king books are supposed to be connected, it would be awesome if they could do this in the movies but it probably wouldn't work

Abdullah Muhammad says:

How awesome would it be if it had jack nicholson cameo..

Born Yesterday says:

Stanley is rolling in his grave

Ellya005 says:

This is the shining parody why

Daniel Delayne says:

Looks like a lovechild of 1408 and an episode of Supernatural. That is, complete and utter bollocks

Quasaricemage says:

Another steaming pile of Shit to avoid at all costs…

Agent N says:

Wait wasn’t Doc Sleep about vampires or some shit, or am i thinking of a different sequel book

Abhishek Rajkoomar says:

red rum lol

Kevin Gamble says:

Looks terrible

Im Batman says:

so danny grew up to become obi wan ??????

Tom says:

That's got to be the first time ever, I've heard Ewan McGreggor do a decent job of an accent that isn't scottish. Wow! Well done, to him.

War Machine says:

Ewan McGregor as Obi Won Kenobi in Doctor Sleep.

Just Do It says:

I think the characters Abra and Snakebite Andi have been intentionally reversed, yet I do not understand why that is, after all, Abra is Danny's niece and in the book they resemble

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