Did Daisy Ridley Just Confirm Who Is Rey’s Father? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

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It’s a Star Wars edition of who’s the father! Thanks to a recent interview, Daisy Ridley may have just revealed his identity. Jessica takes the first steps to figure it out (WITH POTENTIAL SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News!

Who do you think is the father? Let us know in the comments below!

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Celia Bergstrand says:

Luke is not her dad becuse JJ have Said that reys parents is not in episode 7

Johannes Stach says:

Das kleine Mädchen bin ich Anja Sterklov Shugli Regen. ?

crazyken productions says:


TheHatedArrow says:

Snoke couldve thrown rey out because she was a girl

Thomas Kruger says:

How could Luke be the father, he is a Jedi, Jedis don't do that stuff, and don't start me on Anikan ok, he was being torn apart by the light and the darkness in the prequel trilogy, you don't see that stuff happening to Luke in the course of the original trilogy and developing sequel trilogy.

Maureen Hope Holmwood says:

Luke Skywalker isn't the father to Rey. Just look at the timeline of Star Wars. Rey is 10 years apart from Ben Solo(Kylo Ren). There is no way, that Luke cannot be a father. That leaves with another very good pilot, just like Han Solo. If we already know Rey's father.

Janine Hem Lee says:

I don't think rey is a skywalker that would make MOST of the main characters skywalkers (ben solo/skywalker, luke skywalker, princess leia +Rey)the movie would get SUPER boring because luke is the most PREDICTABLE option. Plus Lucasfilm/disney wont make as much money.

Twenty one fall out boys Panicking at the disco says:

Didn't JJ say her parents aren't in the film?

Gus Winter-giles says:

Does it have to be someone special like I want it to but everyone thinks it is.

ღBelleღ MMD says:

Her father could not be Luke Skywalker because he was only romantic with his sister (leia). The only person that makes sense to be her father is Han Solo because Princess Leia has the force within her from her father Darth Vader, Rey feels that Han Solo was the father she never had, and that they wanted to protect her from Kylo Ren. But from the last Jedi we now know that Rey’s parents were nobody’s that sold her for drinking money. This concludes my theories thank you,

mengelsviken4 says:

J J Abrams said that rey`s parents are not in 7 so since luke and snoke was in 7 the only logical is obi-wan kanobi

Michael Kinley says:

You can hear Obi Wan's voice in her visions he must have some connection with her. Maybe her Grandfather. Plus her accent gives it away

Tamara Cole says:

So that means that Raylo will never happen!!??

Ardllan says:

Technically speaking, Rey is an elder sister of Luke and Leia. Before Anakin became 15 years old, he masturbated so frequently and Palpatine could gathered huge amount of Anakin's sperm secretly. Of course, Palpatine always knew that the Anakin's sperm was important fact for the ultimate dark FORCES. After the Palpatine's sudden death, some group of SITH have kept the artificially inseminated eggs of Anakin and surrogate motheS. After all, Rey come from one of those Anakin's eggs and that's the reason why Rey's last name should be "Skywalker".
You can see many "Skywalker brothers/sisters" in the next starwars series because of those many Ankin's frozen maturbated sperm.

Andrew Iral says:

Hahaha seeing this after TLJ

youssef loubnan says:

all of is wrong but it was really good #TLJ lol

youssef loubnan says:

all of is wrong but it was really good #TLJ lol

chainblazer1 says:

How wrong was this on the basis of the last jedi

Jana Kostic says:

Rey is a grand daughter of Obi Wan Kenobi, I thought It wasnt possible but when u see the video on yt Rey Kenobi-Star wars theory… until the end, every detail makes sense, all the youtuber said was conected to Rey and makes sense so go watch it and you will see that she is definitely Obi Wans grand daughter

enthusiasticPsychopath says:

Hah, here after The Last Jedi. Really amusing.

ocularnervosa says:

Boy were you wrong.

Thesolobeast 1738 says:

The DNA test is not even close to right but eh

twins awesome says:

Maybe kylo ren is twins with Rey

brandon brooker says:

Anyone see the Last Jedi?

EXO Love says:

You’re extremely wrong….no offense

Amy A Butler says:

Kira Skywalker—it was on the speeder that was in the prerelease party in California, on the prop of Rey's speeder

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