Detective Pikachu Dance

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Detective Pikachu Dancing 80`s

Pokémon Detective Pikachu
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Kids & Family
Directed By: Rob Letterman
Written By: Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit, Rob Letterman, Derek Connolly
In Theaters: May 10, 2019 Wide
Runtime: 104 minutes
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Music – Wanna Dance!
This is my short version of this troll video!
Cheer up your friends 🙂 PIKA PIKA PIKA

Ryan Reynolds Detective Pikachu Full Picture Troll.

Pokémon, Pokemon, Detective Pikachu, Pikachu Movie, Full Movie Picture


Nuel Leun says:

This….does put a smile on my face 😍😍

Emma Sheldon says:

Omg so hallarias 🤪😜

La Eve :v says:

Este pikachu es demasiado tierno XDXD

An Khanh Bùi says:

OMG i only need an ambulance right nowww i am soo sick of this🥵🤧🤒 gosh it really encourage me to get to the gym:)

S E B A S T I A N 《Valentino》 says:

es tan °°°


Bread says:

When the tea is just right

トロンボーン高橋 says:


Hana Song says:

His cute little face awww ❤

DrakeTheDragon 5567 says:

Cuteness 100

Marisa Meave says:

Que lindo baila pikachu se ve tan tierno nadamas miren esa tierna carita😍😍

The Real Louie says:

I like this. I like this very much

Adyn Drawz says:


nr1144 says:

I can’t handle it. He is too adorable.

Magnus Guglius Vuglius says:

Why can’t Pokémon just have dance off competitions instead of fighting?

Rey Studio 7w7XD says:


lego stop motion says:

I don't really like Pokemon but this makes me happy

Nicolas Magno says:

Trust me, it gets better

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