Decoding the First Look at Incredibles 2! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

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D23 is just around the corner and we haven’t heard much about one of the most anticipated movies, Incredibles 2, until now thanks to some concept art! Dan examines our first glimpse on today’s Nerdist News!

Are you excited for the sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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101 owlman says:

Listen mutha fuka, were is my mutha fukn suit. C'est là-bas. ENGLISH MUTHA FUKA!!!!!

Alixius says:

I want to see Dash and Violet be the villains

Arjay King says:

I would like to see at least one new Super show up. There's one from the NSA files that has the possibility to make an appearance. That's Plasmabolt. Her audio file was erased by her own powers and she wasn't seen in Syndrome's files either. It'd be easy to say Syndrome was unable to locate her which would allow for her return.

Mark Ward says:

So many of you want a 5 or more year jump, I don't. I want a smaller one, like 2 years so that jack jack is a toddler and dash is in jr high, and violet is in sr high school. And also smaller jumps would possibly lead to more movies, and slowly grow them up but lets not have another decade plus wait for the next one.

Matt Reoli says:

I'm curious if the logo in the background is the symbol for the villain for the movie? Like, if it's Bomb Voyage or something like that. Interesting playing with colors.

Cynthia Esquibel says:

Can't wait! I loved the 1st movie! I'm so glad it's picking up right where it left off.

Angela Wyche says:

I can't wait to take my son and grand children. # I can't wait to see it myself.?

Alma_Memije says:

Fgdg kg dgfggcggggg

Crazy Bonehead says:

it's a bit late.

"fifteen years too late."

K W says:

Is that jack propelling violet force bubble like dash did in i-one ?Will anyone in the family do a villain turn?

Michael Fisher says:

I'm retry sure that's Jack-Jack not a raccoon

H.T JR says:


Spicy Potato says:

Did anyone else notice all the OTHER SUPERS flying in the background?

Cameron Vance says:

I kinda think that they might use the underminer fight to start off the movie before the opening credits… then use a time skip forward to get to the main plot. Might be only a couple of months later or a couple of years later.

S B says:

I thought the racoon was the baby…

Hyperionic says:


Jorge Rodrigues says:

Trailer tomorrow

fridge_party says:

Helen better be still thicc as fuck

Brandon Entsminger says:

even the incredibles can't top Cari Dee

KyleCow says:

The underminer was in the video game tho

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