Dan Wilson & Dog Sitter [Red Letter Media]

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Source: http://redlettermedia.com/best-of-the-worst-wheel-of-the-worst-7/

The Wilson family had always had an affinity for animals. Ever since little Dan (or Don) Wilson’s first trip to the old petting zoo – however marred with tragedy it may have been – he had felt a kinship with all beasts. After recovering from grievous stomping injuries, little Dan began work on his first snare. Sure, it may have caught more children than animals, and most of them were himself, but it was the Plymouth Rock upon which he would inevitably land the Titanic of his greater vision for all animal kind. Several decades and a myriad of narrowly avoided lawsuits later, Iowa had its first well established animal sanctuary, rife with the creatures of the wild that needed Dan (or Don)’s protection from the encroachment of civilization. All of Iowa’s native fauna were there: lions, giraffes, alpine ibexes and also a well oiled immigrant worker Dan had found at a little underpass bar called the Manhole. But no matter how many animals Dan (or Don) could save, there always existed the lingering knowledge that the world would not survive without him. One day, however, in the deepest, manholiest store in Iowa, he found it: Dog Sitter. Sweet memories of that first stampede at the petting zoo came rushing back to him. Blood swelled and filled various regions of his body, and he felt renewed purpose. This would be his new first step. Soon, Iowa’s largest wildlife preserve would be expanding. Next: Wisconsin. After that, the World!


RaSkipper says:

Dude, your animation style heavily reminds me of Metalocalypse. Good stuff!

Sofa of Adam - VR says:

This is epic. What I wouldn't give to see this on our channel haha. I haven't laughed so hard in ages.

Red letter media rocks.

Michael Marple says:

I love the switcher and plague and I lobe redlettermedia this is the most perfect video of all time

Nicholas Reynolds says:

Hory shiet this animation is good.

Benjamin Greenwood says:

Rich Evan's laugh: the simultaneous cause and cure for AAAAAAAAIIIIIIDS

Someone says:

No no no, the giraffe aren't on the platform, the camera is to make it look like a giraffes vision

FX MCL says:

Thank you Dan, or Don Wilson. I went to go download a torrent, and my face melted off. I'm not sure how bombarding a DVD with solar radiation melted my face off when I was downloading torrent files, nonetheless, I look like faceless Nicholas cage from face off, face literally off here, thanks.

CorrosiveBlue says:

There's a teacher at my school named Don wilson

bruce wayne says:

"Daddy we're so hungry." The subtle little background additions, and Don/Dan's facial expressions, tre magnifique.

kopell says:

As soon the video ended I started hearing police sirens outside

kilmindaro3 says:

redhead cop porn when

Chasformer says:

How long did it take you to make this out if curiosity?

sergeantbigmac says:

Ive always wondered if any of the guys at RLM have seen these fan films and what they think of them?? Id love if they made a video reacting to the best of the animated shorts based on them.

Purposeless Rabbitholes says:

The final declaration of "MY NAME IS DON WILSON, I RUN IOWA'S LARGEST WILDLIFE PRESERVE" as he fights off the hordes of cops is so amazing.

MrVonStone says:

He had a double barrel shotgun that turned into a rifle, then he pumped it?

extinct says:

I think you completely misunderstood the platform part.

Tom Kazutara says:

You should do next the Han Solo solo movie idea from redlettermedia.

Daniel Crowley says:

Nice reference to the Simpsons with the cocking of a two barreled shotgun.

Jomb Jong Liribop says:

That description, are you 5 second films?

Vineares says:

God bless Rich Evans.

Tychoxi says:

Stay back, coppers! My name is Dan Don Wilson and I'm packing heat!

Gloomy Gondola says:


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