CURSED Official Trailer (2020) Katherine Langford, Netflix Series HD

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CURSED Official Trailer (2020) Katherine Langford, Netflix Series HD
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Mat 37 says:

Omg lol the revisionist are at it again, what's up with female warriors trend ? Fighting choreography will be trash trying to make a 120 pounds person beating the shit out of 200 and up counterparts believable, can't you make her a strategist instead??

JonPS PS says:

0:28 LOL ( eagle sound )

Joshua Tabia says:

She sounds like Yennefer of Vengerberg

Gabriela Stankova says:

When they cut you out of the Avengers and you come back as your own hero . Prove you wrong Tony …

Robbie O Donovan says:

Will there be nudity in this show?

Ysabelle Gempesaw says:

Good cinematography, bad costume design

Maura Chambers says:

yo this trailer slaps

jasmine mandy says:

Mad trailer mad characters..I can't wait.

Soban Malik says:

Can't wait

ashley young says:

What is the music in this trailer called.

theoldguy gildarts says:

Is this Bollywood

Emma Jaggers says:

I'm thinking Merlin/Witcher

red hazard says:

Badass trailer🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Joshua Maico Macasilhig says:

Hannah killed herself for this….

ーワ索キード検 says:

Queen Arthur and the Knights of sjw

LuvAtDreaming 4ever says:

Hannah didn't die, she became the one.

Vishal Vinod says:

Wow hannah baker

Zadan says:

Hannah Baker after the death slaying them all the rapists!

Antonia Nketsia-Tabiri says:

Who else clicked view just because they saw Hannah Baker?

Siddhi Patil says:

Witcher but female

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