Concept Trailer: The Batman (2021)

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My concept trailer for the forthcoming Batman reboot staring Robert Pattinson. All footage belongs to Warner Brothers. Edited by MMA WATCH AWESOME Music ...


wiinterflowers says:

That was pretty dope man. You deserve more subscribers because this is so damn good!

Austin Peters says:

You know I can kinda see it now.

Ash Hux says:

Oh my word, that was amazing! The music choice was 👌and the way you stitched it together was pure artistry. Actually enjoyed this even more than your MMA work. 👏👏👏

suki singh says:

I'm Batman!! 🦇
Such a wicked fan trailer!!! 🙌🏾

Gruagach. Eire says:

Well done mate, i don't like most of these fan trailers but this was well cut.

E. Segarra says:

2021? Damn hopefully im alive by then lol

Benson Fernandes says:

Best trailer I ever watched of urs bruh!!
The Amazing thoughts which u combined 👏
Keep it going !!!!👊🏻👊🏻

doni ellenberg says:

Well this was amazing

DOMINO says:

“Show me my car!”😎

Kevin Garcia says:

2:39 🦇

Inga Saule says:

Great trailer as always!!!! Keep up the good work! ❤️

Dressed in Makeup says:

Yes. Yes. Yes!

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