Check out Nerdist Laser Tag at San Diego Comic Con 2017!

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Come join the fight at Nerdist Laser Tag at the Marriott Marquis, from 7/20-7/22 during San Diego Comic-Con! The event is free and open to everyone! For more information, click here!

Special thanks to our sponsor – Future Man, a new Hulu Original comedy series from Seth Rogen premiering on 11/14

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Adam Millan says:

Does anyone knows whats the song on 0:05?

Kris Kringle says:

I think Michael Ian Black is a time traveler because he hasn't aged in like 10 years. Seriously, he's gotta be a vampire or a time traveler or something.



Alan Grimaldo says:

Ooh, the 80s 70s 60s were dope!

yung letuce says:

where did he get that jacket in the 80s one looks dope af!!

Obergruppenführer Chell says:

Yeah it's totally going to be easy finding me in this, look for Chell from Portal 2 but basically wearing a Nazi armband and an SS Visor.

sonicase says:

Michael ian black is not actually on the show….. lol.. that's fucked up man

Cassian says:

Wait, why are we 'fighting biotics'? Biotics are just people with psychic powers, no? And they are in pretty much every species. Was there a point in the Mass Effect universe where there was a human vs human-biotic war that I missed, like, from the lore or something, while playing the first game?

Manal Abdrazzaq says:

future man = josh hutcherson .

ahdnoh says:

This is what happens when you can't afford Rich Evans. You get knock off Space Cop. Hack frauds.

xavier clark says:

Michael is the best !!!! lololololol

Kal El says:

this is like celery man

Cadmandu2000 says:

First Doctor Who, and now this. Amy Dallen did them BOTH first.

Sean McDonnell says:

Michael Ian Black isn't even in the show? for real? but it has something to do with Seth Rogen… I'm confused, what does this have to do with Laser tag? Is the show about a guy that comes back in time to teach kids from different decades about stereotypes and laser tag?

erbgorre says:

biotic wars or bionic wars? if the latter, sign me up 😀

also, that intro was hella loud 😮

Reid Sizemore says:

He's holding a tippmann 98 custom lol "future"

chris 90 says:

HOLY SHIT ,,,,IT'S Austin Powers !!!!!!!! (yeah baby…)

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