BUTCHERS Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie

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First trailer for Butchers starring.


Gaming with Mercy says:

Jesus Christ I gonna watch this

CNDFreak89 says:

Looks awesome!! Love the old school feel! 😁

Bren .303 says:


ala2121 says:

What in gods name are they feeding…..that made that noise at the end!?

Денис Рыбников says:

Danila Kozlovsky is that you?

Golden Pegasus Pictures says:

This looks like very suspenseful movie. Another good movie Paragon is available at Vimeo.com/ondemand/paragon

Joe Bigs says:

Well that's poorly made

MrNutrBuTr says:

well thats interesting….

AGA Films says:

Where can we watch it?

BallzDeepN says:

Looks like some backwoods shit

darkjedi351 says:

0:48 No regerts haha ya know what I’m sayin

Neon_Radd_Catcher says:

It looks like a spinoff from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Isaac Montoya says:

Good ol Grindhouse

Unstoppable says:

Hillbilly slasher horror flick…. I’m sold 😁

Justis Pier says:


At least it isn't feminist

Aya Bounab says:

This is supposed to be scary ?

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