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Check out the official BrightBurn extended clip starring Jackson A. Dunn! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: May 24, 2019
Starring: Jackson A. Dunn
Directed By: David Yarovesky
Synopsis: Imagine what he could become. #Brightburn in theaters Memorial Day. Watch the trailer now.

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Eugene CZZ says:

spoiler: i thought the jaw-crushing scene was more gory

Loch ness Monster says:

I felt nothing when watching MK 11 eye gouge fatalities. This was different…

Jaden Curtis says:

Carnage now has competition.

Xavier Jackson says:

This is a year for villains and anti hero’s .

Luca Bertani says:


Luca Bertani says:

Steel Fridge Door: "I got this"
Policeman: "Hold my beer:

Eric Wilson says:

If they just titled it “Firestarter”…

6GVD says:

Husband shot Brandon n the back of his head and it did nothing and that boy Brandon used his vision beam thing on him and killed him

MarvelousMusic says:

I recommend saving your money on this one. Besides the cool concept of "what if Superman was a bad/evil kid" it's a film you've seen before with tropes you've seen countless times. Dissapointed the hell out of me

Antwione Atterberry says:

Don't like it

Mac Darf says:


VsXGamerz says:

is that iron-man and captain marvel (0_0) i thought iron-man died in end game

Brimestone Lewis says:

Who else juse wanted to see her pull out the glass shard?

Amar Mardi says:

Where is 911?

rilgin says:

This and The BOYS are gonna be sweet!

Sneakypreacher says:

Brightburn…I'll keep an eye out for it.

Sneakypreacher says:

Do I wanna see this movie? Are you kidding? Id give my right eye!

an ordinary science student says:

Thats why i wear spectacles

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