BIG TIME ADOLESCENCE Trailer (2020) Pete Davidson Movie

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BIG TIME ADOLESCENCE Trailer (2020) Pete Davidson Movie
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rrohcelle 11 says:

YO SOLO GRITÉ: Salió Thomas!

Carmel Sackett says:

This 40+ mom is stoked for this movie 👍🏼😂

Jeffery Guillen says:

Lol he always talked about lookin like John cryer

Buzzkill 78 says:

Did they reshoot this?

Viki Moananu says:

If this turns into a gay rom between Pete and that boy, I would literally choke 😂

Hundred Percent Steve says:

Pete Davidson is a tool. This is free on Hulu and I still not going to watch it. That's a big no thanks for me.

Kxrrin says:

I hate Pete's fucking face.

Scarlett Brescia says:

I can’t wait !

Paola Moussa says:


Emiliomay Vallebaldo says:

That song in the trailer is straight trash.

Isaac Thomas says:

This is like a young Uncle Buck?

naszata says:

I'm thinking, as a female human being – How many more movies about boyhood and manhood will they make? 2,3 every year for the rest of my life? Good I have choice no to watch them.

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