AQUAMAN Official Trailer #2 (NEW 2018) Jason Momoa Superhero Movie HD

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AQUAMAN Official Trailer #2 (NEW 2018) Jason Momoa Superhero Movie HD
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Amna Khan says:

Hmmmmm looks a bit like Thor to me. Seems like DC doesn't have much on their arsenal left.

Angela A says:

Hold up. She walked through the desert in heels?!

Nely Silva says:

I think sometimes some movies like aquaman take a lot more to excite people about so they get caught up on a good trailer and make a too revealing trailer

Akash Purkayastha says:

Trailer after trailer. It's like watching the whole movie even without waiting for the movie to release!

Uh Hmmm says:

He should have been played by Steven Adams.

Pakistan Youtube says:

Hindi Urdu
release date

Erich Izdepski says:

Needs a few more witty one-liners.

Lesrock Mipha says:

Still he can't beat Superman.😁

Zippydsm Lee says:

Finally out of the grimdark malays and balancing palettes and narratives!!

Manoj Muddasani says:

Fabulous trailer…..

LaLa xo says:

The thing about trailers is they show all the good parts . I wouldn't mind the element of surprise

Crocoduck says:

this would’ve been better if black panther didn’t exist but since black panther did it this movie probably isn’t gonna be as good as it could’ve been

LiveLoveLift92 says:

Kinda wish aquaman was a marvel hero and that he was a part of the avengers instead. That way we didn't have to associate him with the horrible DCEU. This movie might be good, but it won't save the dissaster that is the failure of DCEU. Let's just hope it's good as a standalone, because it won't redeem shit.

ladi jata says:

5:28 min trailer it's much

Gagan Saluja says:

What is eminem doing in the movie??

Sunnaha Aszta says:

Percy Jackson
Edit: But older

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