ANTEBELLUM Final Trailer (2020) Horror Movie HD

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ANTEBELLUM Final Trailer (2020) Horror Movie HD

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Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo says:

Coming soon

Walking Dead Now says:

Nice video ♥♥♥! As a horror fan and fellow YouTuber, I am always looking for creative ideas!

Walking Dead Now says:

Great clip ♥♥♥! As a horror fan and fellow YouTuber, I am on the lookout for creative ideas!

Maxim William says:

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Leurs états de santé
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pres l'un de l'autre.??123

Bill Whittaker says:

Then the director is a racist bigot, all his films are about racism…

…who knew?

Bill Whittaker says:

Funny how they never time travel to a tribe in Africa about to be genoc1ded by another tribe.

Ken Wood says:

More victimhood movement. No thanks

queenfree85 says:

I NEED this to drop!!!!! I've been waiting so long!!!

Rivers Bliss says:

You mean this is not a stereotypical sassy black woman, is this how Hollywood apologizes for for not diversifying actors enough?

Holly Carter says:

I'm trying not to get my hopes up but this looks so good. Please be good.

Michelle house music Chapman says:

Ok…time travel back to slavery! Should be interesting!!

Rebekah Joseph says:

It looks fun and interesting to me so I will watch it when it comes out

Warren Zebon fan says:

SJW brainwashing

martin Bassett says:

Looks like a load of shite

Amilcar Schettini says:

As if the title of the movie didnt give the plot away. Hopefully there will be twist

SFbayKID says:


SpaceStorm Girl says:

Great. Another movie about how we remained to be racist bi*ches. Can't we really think of another thing or what?

jorge diaz monsalve says:

Parece bueno

Juston Jenkins says:

This looks about as scary as a box of kittens

I eat penis because says:

The trailer looks decent and doesn't show too much of the movie itself. Hope the movie is well thought out aswell and not just a generic horror movie with 10,000 jumpscares

The Eggcellent says:


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