Antebellum (2020 Movie) International Trailer – Janelle Monáe

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Antebellum — In Theaters 8/21/20! Janelle Monáe, Marque Richardson II, Eric Lange, Jack Huston, Kiersey Clemons, Tongayi Chirisa, Gabourey Sidibe, Rob Aramayo, Lily Cowles, and Jena Malone

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Successful author Veronica Henley (Janelle Monáe) finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it’s too late. ANTEBELLUM is a terrifying new thriller from the producer of the acclaimed films GET OUT and US, and groundbreaking directors Gerard Bush and Christoper Renz (Bush+Renz) – an exciting new voice in filmmaking.


Will Jacobs says:

I'm guessing this movie is going to be renamed, LOL.

Maxim William says:

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Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??123

Spencer Wildee says:

Them violin sounds making me have
Get Out vibes to this

you know this says:

kindly report this copyright from you

De Facto says:

So sick of slave movies.

Craig H. von Peters says:

How convenient. A film to drive hate and divide even further. Not only that, but a film that implies even those white people who are stepping outside their comfort zone or genuinely care for the BLM movement or all good things in diversity and love, actually have an evil alterior motive. Anything for more hate, especially while the wounds are open. We love to sell hate and divide.

Rakesh Sinha says:

Sound track is amazing

sebatian says:

OMG!!! these "race" movies…….NOT NOW!!!!! terrible timing.

Whitebolls92 says:

Someone call the Time Haters

creepypizza says:

Can not wait! This final trailer completely sold me! Amazing trailer score and a phenomenal cast! Anyone else catch that shot of Gabourey Sidibe at 1:42? 🎥

1 _1_ says:


I AM Who I AM says:

So this movie just explained my life. They were watching me. They’re still watching me. Every time life seems to be too good…here the devil comes….
I’m really special. God you made a special one and they hating down here. Save me….😳🙏😳

kblixt says:

Looks damn good!

masood rahimi says:

never realised how sexy Janelle monae is

Jasmine Bauer says:

This movie reminds me of a book called Kindred. In it a young woman is taken from her new hubby and is transported from her home in California to the antebellum south. N keep drawn back repeatedly through time. It wasn’t a horror but it was a horrible experience for the main character. Hmm

Rahmell Brown says:

This looks interesting

Nameless Person says:

usa is best example failed society. usa is not a nation.

daniel mateos gómez says:

This movie looks DOPE as FUCK

Sexy Chicken says:

This actually is a nightmare. Smh This man can really come up with some crazy ideas. 👏🏿

babu dxb says:

This looks awsome 👐

Lawrence Baba says:

"Make America Great Again" is a subjective saying. While Caucasians have memories of all the fruits of imperialism, African Americans have memories of dealing with domestic terrorism while dealing with transgenerational PTSD. Going back in time through American history is a horror film. Nobody likes to talk about the chaos in St. Louis in 1917 or in 1923 Rosewood or in 1921 Tulsa, or in 1943 Los Angeles long before Jim Crow, long before the government started assassinating African American Civil Rights leaders and advocators.

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