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Check out the new trailer for American Woman starring Sienna Miller! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: June 14, 2019
Starring: Christina Hendricks, Sienna Miller, Aaron Paul
Directed By: Jake Scott
Synopsis: A woman raises her young grandson after her daughter goes missing.

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Haley Faragalli says:

Ooh I really wanna see this

Gunnhild Edwards says:

Sky ferreira? really?

McGuire says:

Ewww single mother yuck!

Caffeinated Nation says:

Aaron Paul????

K P says:

try" europian invaders"

Lieren Cavanaugh says:

I love the music. Anyone know who or what it is?!?

in time says:

Idk… seems like trash losing trash. Like a homeless man losing a gum wrapper.. This movie has been done a million times already.

YeaGG says:

So stupid, white people always get more media coverage when they go missing so why she crying for 😂😂😂

Holy Moly says:

played by an english actress?……i guess born in New York qualifies you….lol… her, lets see how she does it….at least i hope its not another parent kills kid script….hopefully something more inventive….

Prisca zanazzi says:

Plot twist: she has killed her own daughter…

Moe G. says:

So they couldnt get an American woman to play in this film….Sienna is British or Australian

blackstonecherry 007 says:

sienna miller looks like maria bello.

PozoBlue says:

I was excited until I saw that 'from the producers of Manchester by the Sea'. Wasn't that sexual abuser and stalker Casey Affleck? 🤔 If he's somehow involved, it'll be a hard pass from me.

Evelyn Aguilar says:

Is this NOT the movie based on Kyle Richards mom and their upbringing??

A.m P.m says:

Lol people hating on the title, yes it says American….move on.

omkar durgavale says:

year 2031: American Americans

Nekminute says:

American this american that….

oscar nievas says:

Pleace the music????? ????

justlookingutube says:

The worst mothers on the planet earth are American women!

Louiza Belgado says:

I think I already know how's it goinh going to end and it will be really sad or depressing.

Tosin Adekanye says:

I'll wait for reviews. I've been burned too often. It looks like a "look at Sienna Miller act!" Movie

Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro says:

I was hoping for the song, forget about it after a few seconds

Keith Nayo says:

Wow. I was deceived, thinking this was another stupid comedy drama. Looks dark and new.

Slevin says:

Looks like a movie I'd watch once and never again.

Xenius says:

1:19 Jesse Pinkman is home back from rehab. Glad he stopped doing drugs XD

コナマグ says:

American is a bum

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