Alien Xenomorph Biology Explained! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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The Alien franchise has shown us many forms of aliens from facehuggers to xenomorphs, but how does it all work? Kyle bursts through with an explanation in this week’s Because Science!

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Ghostly Shadow says:

Sex-Ed for aliens

Topheye says:

Life, uh… finds a way.

jon kidd says:

Wasps are savage

Bobby Papoutsis says:

Lol, I love Kyle and his sense of humor, but let's be honest here… I don't think the god of thunder would be incapacitated by a face hugger. Kyle is Thor, right? The Mighty Thor? Actually, Kyle should do a video on what happens​ if a face hugger planted an embryo into someone like Wolverine, or The Hulk… Would the chest burster be able to escape Logan's body, or would his healing factor purge the alien, and use it for nutrients, like Superman's body did in that one crossover?

Brendan Balken says:

Alien 3 smh. I like 1,2, Prometheus and Covenant. One is the best. But Covenant was underrated.

Zachary Fisher says:

Moral of the story: Don't take your helmet off when confronted with an alien vagina snake.

Dan says:

Fuck you get a hair cut

Parker Swanbeck says:

You didn’t tell the correct cycle. It starts as xeno queen. Not xeno + xeno

Dark Machine Nation says:

Yes!! My favorite movie!

…besides AVP, Covenant, and Prometheus…

Karitora says:

1:32 "You're tired of having good dreams right?" I mean, I WAS about to sleep, but hell, nightmares can be fun so HELL YEAH.

Hyper Hektor says:

1.733 Horror , that concept should become an official measurement for Movies ! 😀

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