Aladdin Trailer #1 2019 full Trailers REACTION

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Bryan Marrero says:

The tiger name is Rajah.

Monte Marino says:

I was so happy to see that this one is much better…. I loved Jafar in the original "Prince Aboo Aboo" but I'm not sold on Jafar in this movie… He's to pretty to be evil. His voice isn't evil enough… Hopefully he surprises me. Great video guys.

Steve- O says:

Don’t be worried from a $$ making perspective but keeping Will Smith more human looking than the CGI effects with him will be important from an audience perspective. In my humble opinion

Sorcerer Vaati64 says:

I felt Will Smith was a perfect decision

Cassie Coombes says:

Aladdin is My Favorite Disney Movie and I Love Trailer Aladdin ☺❤

Sad Hossain says:

Hi guys, please have a look of our reaction.
Hey, watch the reaction to the new ALADDIN'S trailer. 😉 From Italy

Just life says:

I want to see this movie since I was a baby and I am over 50's. Long over due🙄🙄

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