ABOMINABLE Trailer (2019) Animation Movie

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ABOMINABLE Trailer (2019) Animation Movie

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PLOT: A magical Yeti must return to his family.

CAST: Albert Tsai, Chloe Bennet, Sarah Paulson

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Tab_AbodiPlays says:

I feel like the main characters are too steong

Julie Hansen says:

The fat boy reminds me of Chuck from The Maze Runner

Sumati Bedare says:

Trailer is waaw 😍I 'm exited about this movie

mharskie gale says:


Black Lin says:

Looks like an animated version of Yeti

Geekboi says:

What is with children's companies sudden obsession with Yetis!?

Andi Armeina 7 says:

I think abominable is going to be a great movie. But i don't like the idea of it's poster. People who've seen the poster first, thought that dreamworks makes a rip off from their own movie

Remnants says:


Dovyeon says:

I'll watch it on Netflix
Seeing movies in theaters is in the past

telly diana dayondon says:

This is what you get when chinese invest in hollywood… Its ridiculous movie dreamworks what happened?

Himawan Aziz says:

better onward trailer than this

CreatorZ says:

Couldn’t decide original title:
Chinese Okja
Asian Bumblebee
Big Heroine 6
White Minions
Smallfoot 2

Chris TV says:

Magic Instrument, escaping people who want a protagonist who has magical powers with a team of side characters.

…yeah, that's basically Kubo and The Two Strings

Tima Mazko says:

Mistiteli 3 Voyny beskonechnosti ili Mstiteli 4 finala aktery i aktrisy fil'my po komiksam 18+ Marvel i DS

Izzuddin Helmi says:

Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way is great. But this version, it’s awesome x 10

Ava O'Bryan says:

all I can think of is fucking toyota adds
"you can go your own way!"

Sjach Malsvirpobon says:

Does anyone know who did the music for this trailer?? This specific rendition?

Sushi xD says:

Thanos : "I am, inevitable."
This guy : "and i am, Abominable"

DevinMadaMada says:

Nice Idea, but it’s been reused too much…
Some sad kid finds a monster that others hunt, and then they try to take the monster home, and then the protagonist always has at least one dead parent…

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