7 Things You Missed in the Transformers The Last Knight Trailer! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

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Transformers the Last Knight dropped its first trailer so of course we had to watch it one hundred billion trillion times to pick it apart. Jessica has everything you missed on today’s Nerdist News!

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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This lady doesn't know what she's saying….

fadeaway alvarado says:

Did anyone see this saying int he movie (YOU MUST ALL DIE) Or something like that??? I was told it says something like that??

Step Legend37 says:

Its not unicron

Step Legend37 says:

Just please watch the movie

Step Legend37 says:

Haha the robots are the TRF

Step Legend37 says:

Noo he landed on cybertron and he was corrupted by quintessa and the dragon are the 12 knights

Micaiah Plays says:

I already know hot rod is a prime, this is not teAching

Matej Kesic says:

why is she so hot?

Dr. Monty XD says:

Dear lord lady you can not be more wrong about unicron

Die hard Denver fan says:

don't use the Lord's name in vane

Die hard Denver fan says:


Die hard Denver fan says:

dude respect and live for Jesus

Die hard Denver fan says:

how do you know hell is purple dont say that respect and fear God

Delton Aldrich says:

Be careful there is spoilers

FLY-XENO Gaming says:

For the mythology of dragons to work, the dragons are probably decepticons

Ahmad Ihsan says:

Damn . Everything is atlantean tech

The_ paradox says:

wait wait wait
what about the hammer Bee was holding? is it the forge of solus prime????

iiKingAndy6Exp says:

umm did you see trailer two?

Peyton Patrick says:

im ready for the moive

Wildsmack says:

Jessica Chobot! she looks HOTAY!

lonewolf23231 says:

unicron is not cybertron and earth unicron is far far far away from those plantes

Jay Thomas says:

Unicron is supposed to change Megatron into Galvatron not technically more advanced humans creating Galvatron lol So I guess the twist is Unicron will control Optimus instead lol The only way the story can be salvaged is letting Optimus die and Hot Rod becoming the new leader. But a Lamborghini? Why such little cars for Hot Rod and Lock Down?

MsTaly99 says:

The letter A is a subliminal for the geometric shape Triangle " Universal symbol of Strength " it was also in the 1st Transformer movie on Sam's sweatshirt!

Visrit Narwal says:


Visrit Narwal says:


StaticRed says:

Let me educate you guys : Light Saber will be used to Kill UNICORN

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