7 Things You Missed in the Rick and Morty Season 3 Trailer! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

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We’re less than a month away from more Rick and Morty and now we have a trailer to hold us over. Jessica is breaking it down on today’s Nerdist News!

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Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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Brandon Entsminger says:

Cari Dee Has loads of ORIGINAL mulan sauce!!! Not that fake ass Szechuan sauce from Mcdonalds in 2017. She puts it on rice cakes.

Ra.G.E TheDutchDude says:

like 50% of this is not true

Hawkfeather says:

Lmao now I'm happy that the pianist isn't rlly a big thing for Rick and Morty. I bet the team made it to be an after credit scene just to mess with people who are excited for the new season and are trying to grasp at straws at what was dropped meant for the show.

Thomas Emminger says:

Warning spoilers rick dies forever all ricks die forever

Hell Knight says:

Her wubba lubba dub dub made me cringe as does her nose shape which IDK is cute or weird looking? Hmmm ?????

CJ Schiffy says:

I think the person who was killed right next to Morty was is squanchy

Whaley__ says:

"It'll take more than that to kill Rick and Morty, that might just do it." Is an omage to F13 movie Jason X where the black commander is stabbed in the back once and says "it'll take…. " and then is stabbed again and he says "that might just do it."

James Golding says:

Madmax does shoot his shotgun many many times soo I don't know why you said that

A Cow says:

Am I the only person who hates it when people say wubba Luba dub dub, especially when they are announcers like this. Cringe

jakeatron tube says:

I want mr.poopybutthole and meseeks to come back

Princess Kenny says:

I don't like summer…

ITS RICK AND MORTY, NOT RICK MORTY AND SUMMER (I kinda like her as a character, but more as a side character than a mane one)

Ali Saleem says:

At 409 I saw one of the aliens holding a gun

Angelique Mason says:

Please don't make us wait until 2020 for season 4. Jeeeeez

Robert McGarry says:

What about the bloody hole right in Rick's shirt, while on the roller coaster with Jerry? That brings up some questions…

Yung Venuz says:

Wubba lubba


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