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Homie Bird 2 says:

whats with the screen??????

Villian says:

I don't like Super Mario 64

Heartwolf Phantom93 says:

I hate that many of the bosses in the main games always die in 3 hits, especially how pathetically easy the battles are despite some of the bosses having cool looking designs.

patrick watkins says:

my friends sucked at mario just as much as i did so the alternating players thing actually worked out fairly well.

Leonard Wattimena says:

people think it's the best game franchise of all time.

fucking ridiculous

Brandon Condron says:

I love MARIO!

NachoTahko says:

I hate the Mario fanbase, mainly the ones with Mario profile pics. I almost never have a problem with Sonic fans though

Barbara Gully says:

He's too violent

Taiya001 says:

I hope we get other stories besides Peach getting kidnapped….I want to design my own character and go fight Bowser or the opposite, you get to design a villain and take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Callan Fox says:

Like i gess

dr gerald robotnik says:

Sonic is the best

ihate says:

I hated the super Mario world they made for Wii, they made the game so much easier compared to the original that I was disgusted that my niece had to play that easy game, seriously went through most of the levels without dying , it became boring, granted I played the original but they really dumbed it down

sonic the hedeghog says:

Mario has a black mushtash but h has brown hair that's what I hate

Homie Bird 2 says:

you forgot to mention all the goombas he crushes under his fat italian weight.

Marvel&DCFan 101 says:

I have to nit-pick it's what the internet was made for.

The Eternal Induction says:

It's the exact same story over and over, I'm fine with no plot but can't we do something in the Super Mario games other than save that worthless princess that gets kidnapped every two seconds?

Kozmo ღ​ says:

oh so… Yoshi is gay then

Awesome_boy10930 Ramirez says:

Mario sucks

Nice Try says:

anybody watching in 2017

Andres TM says:

I hate Mario's voice so annoying

Brickwalldestroyer Plays says:

he's evil since he just kills yoshi to keep himself from dying

No More Bourbons says:

Why are you so horizontal??

Ozgar Thunderhammer says:

Super Mario Bros. (1) has terrible sprites. Probably because it's basically the first NES game made, but they still look terrible.

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